HINTERLAND - AndreiReinolLandscapePhotography
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Chasing the light

In the evening I made plans to go out to shoot (take photos) in the morning. Meteorological Center predicted that by morning there will be array of clouds coming from north east. But that meant that the sun that rises the opposite direction, would give light and color to those approaching clouds and the sunrise seemed promising. Well, you can never be certain in the weather prognosis but chances were pretty good. One question remained, where exactly was I supposed to be in order to capture this magnificent light. It all depended on how quickly those clouds were moving. That also meant that I had to pick an unknown place for me. Lately weather has been changing quickly, cold alternating with thaw. Nature around here had nothing spectacular to offer, the fields were all thinly covered with snow, waters sealed with ice + snow, and the dry air didn´t make it possible for the trees to frost to make them white and stand out from the background. The sea was not frozen and there were no blizzards to create interesting formations. So I was a bit perplexed and in the morning drove around like a true light-catcher. Neighborhoods were full of power lines, buildings and other man-made objects, that did not belong into my picture. Finally I found an old leafless tree and decided to stay there. In the foreground was a problem, solid white snow had no patterns and was not too attractive. But sunrise itself was beautiful as expected. As it turned out later, beautiful light covered a pretty broad part of the land, and many people were able to enjoy this wonderful play of light and color. Some saw it as they were driving to work and some by standing in the middle off it all in the field. My Facebook Page Website Vimeo