HINTERLAND - AndreiReinolLandscapePhotography
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Winter season

I was headed to the shore yesterday to photograph. The ground is covered with snow mostly and it is difficult to find something interesting for the foreground. The seaside however, is often filled with interesting formations, just waiting to be discovered. But as I was driving I was pleasantly surprised, the fields by the road were covered with cold fog. So I made a quick change in my plans. The sunset was approaching rather quickly and the fog looked promising. From the distance the fog always looks thick and real, it is best to photograph it with a long lens. But I was headed to the seaside, so unfortunately I did not bring it along. As I was moving towards the fog, suddenly I was inside it and visibility was close to none and by the time I managed to get my gear and composition ready, the fog has disappeared into the distance. So I had to be fast and quickly follow the fog. I was looking around and realized that I am in the middle of a spectacularly beautiful moment, but to capture that entirely is very difficult. But still, I wanted to bring it across as much as possible. You can find more from this evening on my website www.andreireinol.com/New-Works